Welcome to JUSTAL!

Since June 2022 JUSTAL is supporting the Ministry of Justice and indirectly the justice system institutions to effectively implement and communicate the Crosscutting Justice Strategy in Albania.

As an EU funded project and one of the successor projects to EURALIUS V, we count on the experience of our core team of international and national experts, as well as close cooperation with the beneficiaries.

We invite you to visit the library in our site, where you might find an updated collection of several consolidated laws.

Our Purpose

I. Strengthen the capacities of the MoJ to effectively implement the CSJS

II. Assist the justice system institutions to coordinate in the framework of the CSJS and respective Action Plan

III. Assist the justice system institutions to collect data and report on results of the implementation of the CSJS

IV. Strengthen capacities of the justice system institutions to communicate on justice reform and the results of implementation of the CSJS and its Action Plan

Our Components

Component I: Management of CSJS and Codification

Component II: Monitoring and Evaluation of CSJS

Component III: Communication

This project is implemented by: